Celebrating a Masters

Two of my good friends Richard and Kathy Wills are celebrating the completion of Kathy’s Masters degree. It has been a long road to a great success and as wonderful as a woman as Kathy is she deserves every ounce of that said success. Congratulations Kathy and my you go far with your Masters!!!!

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An Awesome night in OKC

Man what can I say honestly?!?! Last night was Awesome at Photo Slam at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. There were 12 artists that had 5 minuets each to present there work before getting GONGED! ( I did not get the Gong and was thrilled! ). The art work was all different and showed such a broad range of how Photography is such a diverse Art. There were artist such as Evan Taylor, Holly Baumann, and Matt Jarvis and many more (who I guess I didn’t get their info) Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported us artist including my good friend Richard Wills. I really had fun meeting other artists and being able to be part of a great SLAM!

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Walker Maternity

Thank you so much to my best friend Jayson for getting his wife Pregnant! If he wouldn’t of then i wouldn’t of been able to take the photos of his precious baby to be! Congrats on the soon to come blessings on your family Jay, I cant wait to be an uncle again!

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Photo Slam 2011

A while back i asked the fans of my Facebook page to vote on some photos i was going to submit to Photo Slam 2011….I didn’t think that i would actually be picked as one of the contestants…as a matter of fact i posted that i probably wasn’t chosen. Well it comes to find out that i received an e-mail to day stating.

Presented by Oklahoma City Museum of Art and Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

Thank you for submitting to Photo Slam!

Keith Ball, serving as curator for Photo Slam, has made the selections. The selected photographers are:


(in alphabetical order)

1. Narciso Arguelles

2. Holly Baumann

3. Andrew Bingham

4. J.T. Burg

5. Tommy Evans

6. Jennifer Hustis

7. Matt Jarvis

8. Mandy Love

9. Ann Sherman

10. Carl Shortt

11. Evan Taylor

12. Sherwin Tibayan

Photo Slam will be held on May 19 at 7 pm in the Noble Theatre at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Each selected photographer will have precisely 5 minutes to give their presentation. Each presenting photographer and one guest each will be admitted to the Photo Slam for free.

Selected photographers will be hearing from us again soon regarding technical specs for presentations.

Keith Ball Juror’s Statement

Firstly, my sincerest thanks to Kelsey Karper of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and Sheila Hallett of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art of selecting me to jury the Photo Slam 2011. It is an honor and a privilege to be involved.

Secondly, my congratulations to all the participants who submitted work for Photo Slam. I was amazed not only by the quality of work of all the photographers, but the diversity of technique and message. This overall high-quality of work serves to make the job of juror only more difficult.

Thirdly, I would like to explain my methodology in making my selections. Though the packet with images came with names attached to images and a brief bio of all participants, I immediately renamed all images with numbers and did not read the bios or know the names of the finalists until the process was complete.

I assumed I would know, or know of, at least some of the participants and I wanted to be completely impartial and let the images speak for themselves.

I based my selections on the following criteria: creativity, originality, impact, technique and execution. I scored from one to five on each of the criteria on all three images submitted by each participant.

After this more ‘mathematical’ scoring, I shelved the project for two or three days to get some distance from it and went back through the images with a more organic approach to review the entire body of work again.

To make sure I was comfortable with my decisions, I again waited a few days and went over the entire process one last time.

Once again, congratulations and thanks to all the participants in Photo Slam 2011. I must repeat that, due to the quality of the submissions, there were many difficult choices to be made.

Keith Ball

that was the actual e-mail i received! I’m so excited, it is my first time entering anything like this and i actually got in, about all of this. Now it is time that get to work seeing as i have to give a 5 minuet presentation of my work that i will be showing. So please come out and support me in OKC on may 19th @ 7:00 pm. It will be located in the Oklahoma Museum of Art!

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for sale


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